Digital Makers

In Digital Makers Ninjas explore their creativity making things with computer controlled machines.  We begin using python to explore how programming can affect the physical world.

Using a Raspberry Pi (a very small, inexpensive computer) and Python this dojo starts with Minecraft modding. We explore how to build vast structures with code instead of building one block at a time. Ninjas can use their skills within Minecraft to program a whole new set of rules and situations!

Once the Python skills are developed the second part of the year is focussed on physical computing. Again we use python to program the Raspberry Pi using GPIOzero to connect to the real world, building basic circuit boards, lighting LEDs, and making lots of noise. These skills are then used to build a simple kit based robot and bring all the skills used up to that point together, allowing the ninjas to be creative, have fun, and make some cool things and learn some new skills along the way.

For those ninjas returning again to the class, we have some more advanced project ideas for the year, including advanced Minecraft, RSS news reader, speech to text, LED strip lighting and finishing with a build of a Google AIY/Alexa assistant. We’ll also return to the robots built from last year and resolve any outstanding issues that might exist.

All Ninjas will practice and demonstrate their knowledge at the end of the year by showing off their finished robots/projects and competing in the end of year Robot Wars Competition.

We are always open to suggestions or ideas and will try to accommodate them if possible into the classes.”

To enjoy the Dojo Ninja’s should:

  • Have another programming language ie. Scratch Beginners & advanced
  • Know how to save/store and retrieve any file or project
  • A good understanding of maths concepts
  • Be creative
  • A willingness to learn

Previous Courses:            Beginners Scratch or equivalent

Age Guideline:                  10 years +

Requirements:                 A laptop and a Raspberry Pi3 – you can buy one at any of these sites:

Time & Location               Room IT102 NUI Saturdays 1pm – 3pm

Keeping your Place:        You must not miss more than two consecutive dojo sessions.