The first Saturday was AWESOME

Saturday was AWESOME.

We at CoderDojoGalwayCity were really impressed with the enthusiasm of the ninjas and, critically, the support of the sidekicks (that the responsible adult the ninjas have to bring along).  Well done one and all.
As with every first day, things were a bit chaotic but stick with it – it does calm down and then the real fun begins.
Beginners Scratch 9.30 am and 1 pm were both packed to the rafters!
Fortunately, there were plenty of mentors at hand but we always need help from the sidekicks – if you think you can help the ninja/sidekick beside you – don’t be shy.  Remember coding is sociable!
Advanced Scratch also hit the high mark with loads of enthusiastic new ninjas who want to stretch their knowledge of basic coding.
The Digital Makers class doubled in size so they must be doing something right.  Maybe it was the robot wars they staged last year!  We are expecting more of the same this year…
Where is blender?
Blender is on in InSight! the same place as Brendan’s 9 am beginners Scratch class.  There are still places available in the class so if you are interested in gaming and game design that is where you should be at 11.30 every Saturday morning.  (note the teen-friendly start time)
What about web?
HTML/Web is straight after Blender in InSight!  1 pm – be there.  We had 4 mentors last Saturday – this is going to be a great class.  Again, teen-friendly – heck you could just do Blender and then HTML – 3hrs of coding, how cool is that!?!