Galway code heads for outer space!

Things are heating up: Only 2 more Saturdays before the Christmas festival on December 9th!  We are expecting a huge Show and Tell from all the classes at the festival (and hopefully a visit from the circus ninjas!).
Exciting news from the Digital Maker/Raspberry Pi class: They successfully submitted their AstroPi Mission Zero projects last Saturday with 17 ninjas split into 5 teams:
Water Inc        (Fionn, John, Eoin, Naomhan)
Unicorn           (Michael, Philip, Cliodhna, David)
Menlo Boys     (Frank, Paul, Michael, Liam)
The Trio          (Hans, Caoimhe, Lexine)
Darwin            (Aoife, Sean)
Ninjas were given one hour to work together to write their code within the Mission rules.
They then had to present the code to the class on the projector, describe how it worked and submit it.
They all learned about live demos (and what can go wrong) and hopefully enjoyed it.
The code will be run on the International Space Station between 12 Dec and 1 Feb 18
The Galway Science and Technology fair is taking place on Sunday.  Thank you for the overwhelming reponse to demonstrate your code to the world.  Even if you haven’t had the chance to contact us please just rock up the the CoderDojoGalwayCity stand and join us on the day.
If anyone has a Makey Makey or some interactive devices please bring them along.  We will have laptops loaded with Scratch so you only need to bring a flashdrive with your code.
We would be really interested in seeing some Blender and maybe some HTML at the stand…