Mentor Meeting and More

So 2 weeks into the dojo and we are starting to gather steam…
I hope everyone is enjoying themselves!

Here is some news – in random order…

Next Saturday the dojo will be finishing at 2.30pm and we will be having a Mentors Meeting in room IT106 at around 2.45. Anyone who wants to volunteer should try and come along. All Mentors need to be Garda vetted through CoderDojo and you can find the application process here and forms will be signed at the meeting. We will be finished by 3.30pm.

The Galway Science and Technology Festival is one of the highlights of the year for CoderDojoGalwayCity. Mark it in your diary Sunday 26th November is the Sunday Exhibition when CoderDojoGalwayCity will have a whole section of the Bailey Allen Hall dedicated to the ninjas who will show off their stuff to the amazed general public. It is great fun for both ninjas and sidekicks and I strongly encourage you to take an hour or two of your day to join us. More details to follow!

The two new classes, Blender and HTML have really exceeded expectations and seem to be particularly interesting for older (read teenager) ninjas. If you have older siblings who might be interested in coding but not with ‘children’, either of these classes could be for them.

Finally, we assume that everyone in the dojo is okay with photos being taken of the classes. These are not used anywhere except on the CoderDojoGalwayCity facebook and twitter accounts and hopefully on the website. These images send a powerful message to people who might not understand the collaborative and social aspects of coding and encourage other parents and kids to come and learn how to code. If you have taken some photos in the dojo we would love if you shared them with CoderDojoGalwayCity Facebook and/or Twitter so we can show off our great work.