Advanced Scratch

This Dojo guides ninjas through challenging concepts in Scratch Programming. Building on their foundation in Scratch Beginners  ninjas will be able to create sophisticated projects, animations and games using complex logic and program design.

In a fun and relaxed atmosphere ninjas develop their programming skills while learning about blocks, lists, defining procedures and debugging challenging code. They will broaden their understanding of variables, operators, and event-driven programming while applying their existing knowledge in new ways of thinking about Scratch.

Ninjas also examine graphic art; digital music; electronics and connecting to the physical world they are encouraged to think artistically and creatively about programming and design.

Ninjas are encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge through a group project which they can submit to the Coolest Projects.


To enjoy the Dojo Ninja’s should have a good understanding of:

  • The Scratch development environment – more than half of the Scratch Blocks
  • Know how to save/store and retrieve any file or project
  • Be able to make a game with lives and levels
  • Sequencing, Loops & Nesting
  • Broadcasting, variables and outcomes


Previous Courses:          Beginners Scratch

Age Guideline:                  10 to 15 years old

Requirements:                 Laptop and a power extension cable (limited power outlets!).

Time & Location              Room IT125G NUI Saturdays 1pm – 3pm

Keeping your Place:       You must not miss more than two consecutive dojo sessions.