Beginners Scratch

Scratch Overview Video from ScratchEd on Vimeo.

This Dojo guides ninjas through basic concepts in Scratch Programming. In no time at all ninjas will be able to create basic projects, animations and games using simple logic and design.

In a fun and relaxed atmosphere ninjas develop their programming skills while learning how to draw and animate characters . They will begin to understand how their use of code can make things happen and develop new ways of thinking about Scratch.

Ninjas also examine graphic art; digital music; electronics they are encouraged to think artistically and creatively about programming and design.

Ninjas are encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge and ninjas encouraged to present their projects at the end of each session.


Ninjas do not need any prior experience to attend this session


Previous Courses:          Beginners Scratch

Age Guideline:                  7+  years old

Requirements:                 Laptop and a Parent (12 or under).

Time & Location             2 classes running the same course: InSight Building, IDA business park, Dangan Saturdays 9.30am and Room IT105 NUI Saturdays 1pm – 3pm

Keeping your Place:       You must not miss more than two consecutive dojo sessions.



Click here to view some of our Beginners Scratch Projects